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Why Aren’t We Talking About “Alt-Left”Violence Too?

All violence, by the left or the right should be condemned.

Rosie Ali-Carter

Naked Politics Blogger 

So the recent tragedy in Charlottesville has reminded us all that neo-Nazis and white supremacists still exist( although they are a very small minority) but most importantly, that political extremism and violence is a real threat- and is happening regularly.

Let me be clear: the act of running over a young woman opposing a white nationalist rally is despicable. And it is terrorism. There is no place for Nazism, white supremacy, terrorism or political extremism of any kind in this world. There is no political/religious belief that can be rightly used as a justification for violence of any kind in everyday life, fatal or not. Ever. Which leads me to question why far left groups such as “Antifa” so often get a free pass to violently push their political agendas? I am not attempting to deflect focus or blame from those neo-Nazi scumbags; I have purposely and explicitly already stated my utter disgust at the murder of a young woman by a neo-Nazi white supremacist. This, as most people probably know, is all that has been covered. Therefore, I strongly believe that a different and wider perspective is needed to make the far more important point that all political violence is abhorrent, whether it be far-right or far-left, and that it exists on both sides of the political spectrum.

In recent times, the “alt-left” have repeatedly wreaked havoc across America under the guise of being “anti-fascists”. Look at Berkeley, initially a non violent protest. Up until far left groups such as Antifa and By Any Means Necessary transformed it into a scene of violent chaos. They set the city on fire, damaged property like depraved thugs, threw fireworks, attacked innocent people and hurled rocks at the police. They even assaulted a Syrian Muslim woman because she apparently “looked like a Nazi.” She was pepper sprayed and hit with a rod. Lovely people fighting for good, right? And to think all of this happened because they disagreed with the opinions of a speaker scheduled to appear at the University of California. ..

Similarly, not long after the initial Berkeley discord, at yet another Antifa show of violent intolerance, a trusted college professor smacked a guy over the head with a bike lock simply for exercising his constitutional right to vote for and support who he wanted to. Unfortunately for the victim, he supported Trump, which in the eyes of Antifa, was justification to brutally attack an innocent guy. Where was the outrage from the mainstream media, leftists and majority of people? Why can’t we, even those who dislike Trump, stand up and rightly state that nobody deserves to be violently attacked for what they believe in or who they vote for – that surely is the beauty of living in a civilised, democratic Western society! Though contrastingly it seems that anybody who disagrees with Antifa is a target and is worthy of a beating. What they do not seem to realise is that in asserting such aggressive intolerance towards anybody with a differing opinion to their own, is in fact mirroring the fascism they supposedly so strongly oppose. They have proudly burnt placards with the words “free speech” written on them, so how could they ever be considered advocates of freedom and righteousness?

Since the Charlottesville incident in particular, I have seen many ridiculous, and quite frankly disrespectful, analogies/comparisons of hooded, violent Antifa thugs who burn American flags and demand “more dead cops”, with war heroes who landed on the beaches of Normandy. Those brave men fought against fascism for freedom, whereas Antifa are attempting to limit the freedoms of people who oppose their violent “resistance”, and getting away with doing so by hiding behind the label of “anti-fascists”.  These people must be called out for what they are, just as neo-Nazis are; disgusting, violent and oppressive extremists. Ludicrous comparisons like this are not helpful or plausible.

Another issue I’d like to highlight is the fact that, also directly following what happened in Charlottesville, many social media posts began floating around implying that all white people are responsible for racism in America, and for the beliefs/actions of revolting neo Nazis and white supremacists. In particular, Lorde’s tweet, which somehow shamefully gained near enough 18k retweets, stated that “all white people are responsible for this system’s thrive and fall. We have to do better. I’m sorry.” Reading this angered me greatly. This kind of generalisation of an entire race of people is of absolute detriment to society, particularly in America, where ridiculous drivel like this will only amplify growing race tensions across the country.  Are all Muslims responsible for Islamic terror attacks? Are all black people responsible for anti-white cop killers?

So in what world are the vast majority of decent, peaceful white people in any way responsible for the beliefs, actions or existence of a tiny minority of despicable, racist, white supremacist neo-Nazis? Self loathing, virtue signalling celebrities don’t speak for an entire race of people who, overall, oppose and despise racist morons such as the KKK, just as much as any other race. Inciting racial hatred and placing blame on innocent people because of the colour of their skin is exactly what RACISM is. It is only the fault of the sick far-right individuals who possess their backwards beliefs, nobody else. Just as the violent actions of the far-left are not the fault of ordinary people who oppose political and ideological extremism in a peaceful and democratic manner.

Instead of finger pointing and shameless generalising of millions of people simply because of their skin colour, we need to start calling out political extremists, right and left, for what they are, and opposing their divisive ideologies in every way possible.


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