What We Do

As a young person your opinion matters.

We know that young people often feel left out or ignored when it comes to politics. There’s a huge gap between young people and the people actually with power. Naked Politics is a platform for young people, to engage and empower young people and to bridge this gap. As a young person your opinion matters.

We amplify the views and opinions of young people, and create content about the issues young people care about. We champion people and organisations who support young people and want to create a better future for them. We uphold a variety of opinions, and will always be a platform that believes in equality. We strongly support young people from marginalised communities and their fight for greater awareness and education around issues that impact them.

We work with public institutions, charities, universities and other organisations to reach and engage with young people, and empower them to change the world for the better.

Director and Founder of Naked Politics 

Banseka Kayembe



Banseka created Naked Politics after graduating from university and realising there was nothing much out there for young people to get them interested in politics.

She is a communications and engagement specialist. Notably she led a campaign with Mixedracefaces highlighting people of mixed heritage working in UK Parliament.

She is also a freelance writer, having written for The Huffington Post, The International Business Times, The inewspaper, The Independent and Bustle UK . She is a national and local broadcast radio contributor having appeared on BBC Radio and youth station Rinse FM, as well as a social media contributor. Her work centres on pop culture, racism, feminism and youth issues.

She is an alumni of the 10th Commonwealth Youth Parliament. She currently sits on the advisory board of Impress, a press regulator that exists to improve journalism standards, advising on how press regulation can be made fit for the modern, digital age of journalism.

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