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Naked Politics is a political platform for young people, to engage young people in political and social issues in a way that makes sense for them.

We are currently seeking funding and are hoping to soon be able to offer writers a fee for their contributions. Currently the whole Naked Politics team, including our Director all work unpaid on a volunteer basis.


New writers to contribute to us on an ad hoc or regular volunteer basis.

What We Are Looking For:

  • A non-academic, chatty, informal style
  • Good writing skills
  • Interesting takes on topical issues
  • The ability to be able to form well argued opinions in writing
  • The ability to use evidence to support opinions
  • Blog posts which will be written for young people
  • To support the core values of our site

What We’re Not Looking For:

  • Over the top, sensationalist articles
  • Overly academic writing- we like our articles to be complex in the issues they tackle, but not in the way they are written
  • Anything derogatory or very offensive. We are open to all ranges of political opinion, but it goes without saying we will not tolerate anything deemed to be derogatory or defamatory.

If you’d like to contribute please pitch ideas to our website editor Marco at

Please read our writer’s guide to ensure your idea is right for us before pitching to us.


  1. China will not be a great superpower by the end of the 21st century.

    The writing piece will focus on china’s massive population problem and why this will mean that China will not become a power like the USA due to its internal problems with its population being top-heavy.

    I would conclude the article with what this could mean for the future.

  2. Your claims to transparency & fairness include Anti-Semitic diatribe & hate speech portraying Israel as an “Apartheid” state. Try living in the only democracy in a sea of mad neighbours pledged like yourselves to a 2nd genocide. And that’s what you uphold & brainwash young minds with! It was tried in 1933- we survived!!!!

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